Aug 30, 2010

Idiocracy by Tequila Sunrise

Back in July I ventured, for the second week in a row, to #LoserKaraoke! This is a weekly get together for lots of the twitter community in Toronto, and definitely a great night out for a Thursday! Well it was all fine and dandy until we stepped out around midnight for some fresh air and noticed a heated argument. Both the curiosity and our Egypt-iness (sic) resulted in our distant involvement. Put simply, four drunk guys where picking on and mocking a homeless woman. As people stepped in and picked sides and discussions started I have realized that I was witnessing events that I left Egypt to avoid.

Four spoiled brats with too many beers, suffering from and inferiority complex, engaging in a yelling match with a homeless women. I am not sure how and why was this instigated. But these guys, decided to hang out in front of the bar for over an hour to continue mocking the poor woman was quite disturbing. It wasn't the classlessness and severe lack of manners on their end that disturbed me but the complete hypocrisy of their argument. First they claimed to be Catholic Conservatives, which is fine and dandy and all, but then they claimed that the conservative in them gave them the right to stand and mock this poor woman, completely ignoring the tenants of their christian faith. 

Then the tool-in-command started babling about his 800 year old constitutional right to mock this woman. As he continued to blab I started to get really pissed off by his ignorance rather than his contradicting views. Canada is a young nation of 143 years, we don;t have a constitution, we have a bill of rights that is less than 60 years old. Being me, I called him on it, and he continued to dig deeper talking about magna-carta and the Queen of England; yes not the queen of Canada. As he continues with his extremely flawed logic, I realized one thing this wasn't worth my time.

Yet this whole experience showed me a different side of Canada, a side with many uglies and only one good. The good was that with all the tension in the air and with things being said that shouldn't have been, there was no violence. The ugly was reflected in all the reasons we were all pissed:
  • The real conservatives were pissed because these guys give all conservatives a bad name. They claim to follow gods word and conservative ideas, but really they are rich versions of Sarah Palin's tea baggers.
  • The liberals were pissed off because they felt bad for a disenfranchised woman that has faced lots of challenges in her life, than some rich kid comes and make her cry. Funny enough I didn't see any of these liberals giving her any money they were just happy with verbal support. 
  • The realist were pissed because this was a social failure, and amazed that we now live in a world were old money has resulted in rich brats thinking they own the world. The sense of entitlement exuded by them was highly frightening.
  • The Religious folk, just like the conservatives were pissed of by the misrepresentation of their faith
  • The atheists were pissed because they believe God has no place in the public place
  • The fun loving people in the bar were pissed off because this was just distracting from awesome #loserKaraoke
  • The bar staff were just worried about possibility of damaged property
  • I was pissed off because we now live in a world were people have no problem making up history to support their cause, and the people listening probably can't see the lies or just don't give too shits about it