Aug 30, 2010

The Kindle Experience

This year I bought my mom a kindle for her birthday! After reading some raving reviews and seeing how much of a bookaholic she is I thought it would be a great idea. So it arrived today from Amazon and I just needed to set it up before shipping it to Egypt. Amazon doesnot ship Kindle's to Egypt even though they are fully suppoted in the country.  I opted for the regular Kindle not the DX. 

The specs of the basic Kindle are as follows: 
6" diagonal E Ink®
8" x 5.3" x 0.36"
1,500 books
Books in Under 60 Seconds
Free 3G Wireless
Native PDF Support
Rotating Display
Manual Rotation
So after opening the box and carefully unpacking, charging it, and setting it up I decided to spend some time playing with it and downloading the first couple of books. if I am not used to using a touch screen for my cellphone I would have definitely bought myself one. 

It has a gorgeous screen and the fonts are very clear. Over and over I kept trying to use it a touch screen only to realize there were buttons and stuff. The ink used on the display is crisp clear, at one time i thought there was a sticker on the screen I had to remove. I also found it very impressive, that it just worked out of the box, no battery insertions, no charging, no registration. The device was already linked to my amazon account and all books I purchased on Kindle for Android, synced with the regular Kindle. All things Amazon replicated well from the Apple experience. A definite A+ on user experience. Other things I like about the kindle, the weight, over all dimensions and how it works with 3G networks worldwide with no extra charges!!

The one thing I am not impressed by, is the speed, the type of "ink" chosen by amazon and the kindle team has a low refresh rate. Additionally the processor isn't too powerful either. Being used to the nexus one and a mac book, the speed of the kindle makes me think it is always crashing. Then to realize its just slow!! I guess i shouldn't be in a rush when reading.