Sep 28, 2010

Pet peeves

First in what will definitely be a growing list is the content of  my technology news feed keeps flooded by press releases from unknown bodies declaring the indisputable victory of one one smart phone/social media/tablet platform. Curiously I read discovering that the organization didn't do proper scientific analysis, massive gap holes in their data set or the usual crime of horrible definition or a massive elimination of the worlds largest markets. This non-sense reminds me of my cardinal rule of news: if its on the fron page it is probably not newsworthy. The real impacting news is probably at the bottom of page 16.

Second, Advertising! Too many lousy products have fantastic ads. They keep spewing their horrible product in our face hoping that some unexperienced fool will not ask a friend for their opinion before sampling their shit of a product (Amazingly this happens more often than not). The examples are many but I will limit to Axe, Coors light and Molson Canadian. All shit products. I call this phenomena: Beautiful Spam!  

More to come when I get my rage back on!