Sep 8, 2010

Road-triping Ctd. - Chicago Edition

I just clocked in over 4000 KM since Saturday morning. 

John and myself where bored on Saturday afternoon and decided to drive out to Chicago to party out the weekend.. we arrived in Chicago around 11pm and after checking into the glamorous Palmer House Hotel we went to spend a phenomenal blurry night. The memories of this night were only recollected while having a very greasy brunch on the Sunday and going through our foursquare checkins. We spent most of the night in Wrigleyville and made it back to the hotel around 6 am. 

What was phenomenal about Chicago was the hungover tour we did on the Sunday, I was blown away by the architecture of the downtown core and how it was over all designed with the community in mind. I found all aspects of the city focused on pulling the community together. From the millenium park right downtown, to the community driven art displays on N Michigan Ave, the Jazz festival and the beach just by Navy pier. From the little I have seen of Chicago I can definitely say it brings shame to Toronto, they have beautiful buildings, art and city designed to engage its citizens. I would love to go back one day and spend a few days discovering and learning about this beautiful city. 

Later on Sunday evening we kicked of our drive back home to Toronto and after what I thought was a cruel 8 hour straight drive we made it home at 6 am Monday. After spending Monday recuperating from the road trip, I kicked off a 19 hour long road trip on Tuesday afternoon, from Toronto to Halifax and stops on the way back on Quebec City and Montreal. We just checked into the hotel in Halifax so more on the Eastern Canada Expedition later!!