Sep 10, 2010

Road-triping Ctd. - Halifax Edition

We are now packing and leaving Halifax, it was such a wonderful & relaxing trip. This has definitely raised the bar for the Quebec City and Montreal stops over the next two days. What I found amazing about Canada's east coast is the level of hospitality and niceness. This takes the Canadian stereotype of being polite to a whole new level. People here don't only apologize for everything like the rest of Canadia, they are also volunteering some phenomenal tips about their city. 

Yesterday was the perfect vacation day, after checking out from the Marriott we drove up to Peggy's cove and upon the Hertz staffs recommendation we stopped at Shaw's Landing for some phenomenal seafood chowder and fish and chips. We then spend a 3 hour sunset kayak tour in mostly quaint and peaceful waters, but then we got adventurous and ventured into the ocean! To wrap up a long day we went to the Press Gang, for a fantastic dinner and delicious Martini's... With the clock almost ticking midnight we decided its time to dance the night away and we head to the Dome for some interesting tunes and douchy college kids. Figuring out that $2.75 drinks where to unrealistic, we opted for the very inexpensive bottle service ($150 for grey goose??) and enjoyed the people watching from behind the red velvet rope. 

This morning we walked around the harbour front where Canadian Airforce jets and choppers where buzzing around while navy ships trotting around the water.. with he gift shopping done and packing commencing & car upgrade pending, we are now ready to hit the road and hit Quebec city! 

Life is grand!