Sep 4, 2010


Very excited about this road tripping week, its partly spontaneous and partly planned. Last night I was talking to a friend of mine and he mentioned he rented a car to get out of town this weekend. I decided to join him, the beauty of all of this is how we don't know where we driving to, I think we are heading west in the Chicago direction and see how far we want to go. The plan is to come back on Monday. 

On Tuesday morning, I will be driving to Montreal, Quebec City, Halifax (depending on Earl) and back for Sunday night! I think covering 4k miles on the road with some of my closest friends will help me clear my mind and get me in shape to push for a great grand finale... 

The best of all, this road trip will not only give me clarity and quality time with some great people, it will be my chance to catch up on the last 3 issues of Foreign Policy :)