Oct 22, 2010

Canada.. An Open Letter!

Dear Canada,

Thank you for an amazing 9 years of my life. Our affair has opened my eyes to the world and molded me into the person I am today.

You are amazing from coast to coast; you are bountiful with your people and your history. I was fortunate to experience lots of what you have to offer, from the kind people of the east coast to the borderline hippy non-jaywalking people of Vancouver. My time with you took me through the beauty of Quebec City, the crazy parties of Montreal, the bone crushing coldness of Calgary, the hot-springs in Banff, the coziness of small town Saskatchewan, the mosquitos of Winnipeg, laid back Hamilton, cow-tipping Guelph, spirited Waterloo, the very dive-bar like Windsor, nerdy Kingston with its equally prosperous rival with the fake Thames river, London. How I can forget the very proper Ottawa and the place I have called home for the better part of the decade; the very hospitable and diverse Toronto.

Over the years I have realized how complex of a creature you are, with your rich history and the cultural differences that I saw from one city to another. It amazes me every day how gracefully you have continued to open your arms to people from around the world, I admire how hospitable and caring you are for your people.

In your lands I have met bright and passionate people from every corner of the planet. I have built eternal bonds, friendships and memories that even the craziest and latest algorithm from Google can never comprehend.

That is not to say you are not without fault, your complacency has driven me insane over the years. From your fragile and to a large extent embarrassing foreign policy, to how your politicians are non-visionary and lazy. You keep forgetting how the world needs more of you. I wish one day you will step up to the plate and grow out of this adolescent mode you are in to re-take your place on the world map.

In a weeks time I will be bidding you farewell as I move across the great pond. I am not sure if this is farewell or a see you later. In either case I ask you to take care of my loved ones, to continue to grow and to one day lead again!

Thank you Canada for changing my life, thanks for the memories, for the people. I will miss you… a lot.

With love,