Nov 2, 2010

Back in Cairo!

Its been almost 72 hours since I left Toronto, closer to a week since I was homeless, and I am now kinda temporarily settled in hustling Cairo. I feel that even though I am physically in this once great city, I am mentally and emotionally absent. This would have all been fine and dandy if I can figure out, where is the rest of me... In the 30 or so hours I been here, I have been called boring twice and distant a few more. Amazingly I took no offence in either, I wonder if this city magnifies my indifference towards the minute details in life.

I do hope that I will snap back into shape, I have much that I want to accomplish in the couple of months I am here. Here is my initial list;

  1. Sandboarding
  2. Scuba
  3. Some serious beach time
  4. Wrap up some home renovation projects
  5. Patty's trip with all the sightseeing
  6. Refresher courses for RSM 
  7. Ein Sokhna
  8. BBQs
  9. Partying it up with the Cairo crew 
  10. Some serious quality time with the family

Let me know if you have any recommendations that I should add to this list! I hope the next couple of months will be the blast I envision it could be!