Nov 5, 2010

Mobile Data Plans

So being here in Egypt for only a couple of months, I opted for a prepaid cellphone plan with Vodafone (my preferred EG carrier) rather than post paid. The only challenge I faced with this is the lack of any reasonable plans for mobile internet. Don't get me wrong compared to Canada, Egypt's mobile pricing is very competitive and inexpensive. But the fact remains that there is only one plan for data, 1L.E. ($0.17) for the first 3BM and 1L.E. ($0.17) for each MB thereafter.

I checked other Egyptians providers, Mobinil/Etislat, and realized that there were no better options. It would just be awesome if any provider could provide a more high end pre-paid option that would target heavy data users. I just feel my Android is pretty useless if just makes phone calls!