Nov 5, 2010

Trimming trees!

When I arrived in Cairo, I realized my parents were under going a simple home renovation project, renovation of the garage and the garden. The project consisted of redoing the pergola above the car, re-tilling the garage floor, some electric work, cutting down parts of the huge mango tree in the front yard, and trimming the 5 trees we planted infront of our apartment. Nothing that would take longer than 10-12 days to do.

So here it is day 42 and the project still continues, so far the pergola has been taken down by the local council twice as we didn't take construction permits and the Cairo Beautification office is suing us because we trimmed the trees without their permission. Additionally we are having the same issues you always face with contractors, quality of labor, delay in supplies delivery etc..

I think the way all of these issues rolled out was the most amusing, for example the court guy that came to serve us yesterday, was swearing at the head of the local council because his boss (the court guys) was more important than the head of the local council. When we refused to receive the court documents he threatened my family with persecution. Later on we went to meet with theCairo beautification office and the local council to discover they are "only suing us because we did not ask for their help and choose to use the private sector" they also claimed they would do it for free.

This third world shenanigans is quite amusing and all, but I really can't imagine being surrounded by all this BS for too long.