Dec 1, 2010

The making of the BayFest!

Back in 2006 and on a similar sabbatical to the one I am taking now, I got the opportunity to lead the marketing and sales effort for Egypt's first electronic music festival, the BayFest. It was such a frustrating and rewarding experience.  It was my first experience working and investing in a startup. It wasn't our mistakes (and there were many) that drove me up the wall, it was rather the government and police corruption and intimidation that did it.

A few months ago, I was having lunch with one of my closest friends, the man that put the BayFest team together. For the first time in years we were ready and able to sit and talk about what happened that legendary winter. To top it off, he shared with me a VHS tape we have both been hunting for years, 41 minutes from Day 1 of the BayFest! I have since edited and posted the clips on to YouTube, you can find them all on my channel.

Here is a video from the first night, where my good friend DJ Hady Tarek kicked off the BayFest on December 31st 2006! Enjoy...