Jan 11, 2011

Back to school!

We are in the process of wrapping our orientation, our class is quite diverse, we are a 140 students from 39 countries. It has been challenging to learn everyones name, and aside from the diverse ethnic background it has been intriguing to see the different personalities. I assumed coming here that I will be exclusively surrounded by type-A personalities, I was wrong. There are quite a few Type-As but there is also some shy very smart people as well.

I am quite impressed to see the career centre involved from day 1. We have had 3 sessions so far, all focused on setting the tone for the relationship between our class and the centre. Its all been set around how we need to take initiative on the job hunt perspective.

Later this week, we start the Personal and Leadership Development module. I am very curious to see the critical thinking session and most important the social networking session!

More later!