Feb 15, 2011

Egypt Post #Jan25

Let me start by saying that I think that with all that we, Egyptians, have accomplished in the last month, we have't accomplished much on the front of changing the regime. We just removed the President and maybe a few dozen corrupt goons. But the backbone of the regime, the army, is still in power and actually taking lead of the change process.

In hindsight, it seems that lots has happened since my last Egypt post but most of what I hoped for hasn't come to reality. The Supreme military council has dismantled both houses of the parliament, put a dozen so of the regimes oligarchs under investigation, and has promised to lead the country for around 6 months until a democratic government is elected. So really the people of Egypt have 6 months to:

  1. Write and ratify a new constitution
  2. Setup parties, political programs and organizations
  3. Elect 1 or 2 houses of parliament 
  4. Elect a president
  5. Transfer of power back
Now to me these seem like highly complex and very important tasks, I am personally worried that we will end up making emotional decisions rather than rational decisions that help us move forward.  More on that later!