Feb 21, 2011

Keeping track of whats happening in the Middle East!

So just to make sure I am keeping track of whats happening now in the middle east...

1- Tunisians and Egyptians trying to figure out how to move forward and hoping that the revolutions don't get hijacked
2- People of Bahrain, Algeria, Jordan, Libya, Yemen, and now Morocco, are demonstrating for change
3- Qaddafi junior, proves he is his fathers son and gives one of the most entertaining speeches I have heard in a while. Where he promised war, death, anarchy, Western invasion, poverty, national split all in an attempt to scare Libyans from kicking him out
4- Israel is panicking about the 2 Iranian military ships approaching suez canal

Am I missing anything here?

Update: I missed the protests all over Iran.. 2011 you have been so hectic so far!