Mar 26, 2011

Back in Cairo!

So just finished my first 24 hours in post revolution Cairo!

Here are a few initial thoughts. If I had never heard of Jan25 before my arrival, I wouldn't have noticed much of a difference on the streets. It seems all the banners on the streets that were kissing Mubarak's and the ruling party's collective asses have been replaced with new ones kissing the army's ass!

The curfew is imposing a weird sense of abnormality, you can still get almost anything home delivered but the new rule is that you can't order it after 10PM. Which in my opinion is still a much better deal than the one i am getting in Rotterdam where everything closes at 6. Additionally it seems the curfew has partially succeeded in accomplishing what what our parents have failed at, making sure we get home at a decent hours. The primary question is planning social activity is not "Where are we going?" but rather "Do we have sufficient curfew time?"

In other revolution news it seems impromptu fires are still going around the city, with todays fire at the countries central bank! As everything in todays world the news has only been reported on twitter so far, waiting on the old media to catch up!