Feb 4, 2012

A year since Mubarak

Almost a year after the symbolic victory of toppling Mubarak, only the revolutionaries are paying the price, and the old farts reaping the benefits. Not a single politician, police officer, army office have been held responsible for any of the deaths or injuries. The numbers of the dead and injured keep rising everyday that the battle for the future of the country continues. So far, since January 25th, 2011 there were
  • 2286 protestors killed
  • 7811 protestors injured, of which:
    • 324 went blind
    • 685 with broken bones
    • 27 virginity tests
  • Over 16,000 civilians tried infront of military courts with no due representation
This situation is not sustainable, and is one of the reasons why the confrontations with authorities continue to be longer and more violent. These escalations will continue until the power structures in Egypt represent the people of Egypt and their desires. I believe at the bare minimum, the protestors would not rest until the bare minimum of their demands are met. Based on many discussions that I have had since I have returned to Egypt, these would include:
  • Transition of executive power from the armed forces to civilian leadership that embodies and demands transformative changes.
  • The reorganization, rehabilitation, retraining and refocus of all members of all security apparatuses in Egypt. The goal is to transform these forces to ones that use modern community driven policing techniques.
  • The complete disbandment of the ministry of information, along with the transition of the state TV to an independent professional public organization, with similarities to the BBC. 
  • Accountability. Holding at the bare minimum the people in charge responsible for all the violence that has happened in the last year.