Apr 22, 2012

6 Questions

There has been a lot going on in Egypt lately.. to many it has been a black comedy, a play that many of us are participating in with or without our consent. 

Now with Presidential elections coming up in 4 weeks, we still have no idea who is actually running. The final list of candidates is to be announced on the 26 of April. I personally dont think an election will happen before June 1st. But for my own entertainment, I have been musing through the different programs. Trying to comprehend the crap being sold to the people of Egypt. 

Unfortunately, with the country exponentially inching everyday towards bankruptcy and financial turmoil, not a single politician or candidate is discussing the real issues facing Egypt. No one is discussing the structural challenges that have resulted in us lagging in Economic growth and societal stability. These challenges can be summed up into: Education and health expenditure, subsidies, deficit and debt, wages and local governance. 

So I challenge you all to start talking about these issues, ask your families, friends, politicians these questions. I know they sound boring, but without ideas on how to tackle these issues we will not progress. 
  • How would you increase the tax revenue while not decreasing economic activity?
  • How would you tackle the subsidy system that exists today and restructure it in a way that increases effectiveness and reduces expenditure?
  • How would you increase public expenditure on Education and Health in Egypt without increasing deficit?
  • How would you enforce a minimum wage (in both private and public sector) and not have inflation increase?
  • How would you reduce the budget deficit while still managing to create over 1 million jobs a year?
  • Do you support the election of governors and mayors as opposed to the tradition of appointing them. If so, what kind of fiscal and executive authority would be given to the governors and mayors?
I truly believe that tackling these six questions can put Egypt back on a track of economic and social development.